Monday, October 21, 2013

Impressions from the First Quarter

How is it possible that the first quarter is over? Or maybe you are wondering, have we really only been in school for 9 weeks?  I know what you mean.  Some days, it seems like school just started. Other days, I'm ready for summer break!

Since I'm a Specials teacher (even though I'm not in the official Specials rotation), my schedule and  classroom experiences are different from the average teacher's, but I bet we have some of the same thoughts throughout the day. Here are my impressions from the first quarter, in no particular order:

  • It is possible to reach 10,000 steps in a day WITHOUT leaving your classroom. I've been wearing a FitBit for over a year and have discovered some pretty creative ways to achieve those 10,000 steps, even on days when I don't leave my room.  LOTS of circles around the room.  Let's hope the carpet holds up!
  • You have to build up to the "teacher bladder".  By now, we can make it until lunch without a bathroom break.  By the time winter break arrives, we will be able to make it all day without going to the bathroom. This a super-hero trait. Not recommended for the average person!
  • Students really do learn some of the stuff we are trying to teach them.  I get such a THRILL every time one of my students uses the word "amber" instead of orange.  Seriously.  It's a geek thing.
  • Every grade level is different every year.  You might not expect this well-known fact to make a big impact on Specials teachers, but it DOES!  For example, one year, I was so frustrated because my 3rd graders never seemed to finish anything. Everything just took SO long to do.  This year, my 3rd graders have already completed one project and did it in record time. Hurray!
  • There is reason for concern when I say "booger" and the kids have absolutely no reaction.
  • No matter how prepared I think I am, I've forgotten something.
  • No matter how prepared I think I am, if I'm trying to do too much, I'm going to screw something up. 
  • Migraines are not teacher-friendly. I've had a migraine almost every week of school so far and they really mess me up. Maybe one of my students will discover a cure for migraines.
  • Paperwork and documentation can be more painful than a migraine. Don't you just want to grab the SBOE, shake them really hard and ask, "WHEN do you want me to teach?"  
  • Meetings are almost as bad.  I'm not big on meetings in general, but this year we seem to be swamped with meetings and visitors. Just send me an email, please.
  • We NEED a holiday in October!  Yes, I still want the whole week of Thanksgiving off, but it is just SO hard to go from Labor Day to Thanksgiving without a break.  If I counted correctly, that's 11 weeks. Let's remember this next year when it's time to vote for the District calendar.
  • Exercise makes me feel better. Last week, some of my colleagues started working out a couple of days a week after school. I have always done some sort of exercise, but working out with colleagues just feels good all over!
Did the first quarter make any impressions on YOU?


  1. Dying over the teacher bladder. That’s one of the hardest things about back to school. Retraining your bladder!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Megan. It's really great to see you around school so often!